Pulley and Squat

Kineo Pulley Squat combines the versatility of the free Pulley cable and the stability of the Squat platform. Two workstations for a wide range of total body exercises. Sports functional training, neuromuscular control, strength and power training.

Leg Press

Leg Press by Kineo. Analytics, concentric trainings and many more. 


The secret of the champions is based on repeating the correct technical movement a great number of times.

Multistation EPS

Kineo Multistation gives the possibility to work on the lower body in both open and closed kinetic chains with the help of innovative training methods.

Not to mention the infinite application for the upper body with the free Pulley cable.


Physioplate featuring sturdy structure and a distinctive hi-tech look. Specially designed for Professional use in Rehab and Sports.

Leg Pro

Kineo Leg Pro is the perfect machine for those who want to focus on the lower body work in both functional recovery and performance conditioning. Work on your eccentric strength analitically and you will feel the revolution.

Winshot 1500

Winshot 1500 can simulate very realistically any kind of serve, set and spike from 1st and 2nd line, in any area of the court.