Genesy 3000

The ultrasound for the most demanding professionals PROFESSIONAL ULTRASOUND WITH TWO FREQUENCIES OF EMISSION: 1MHZ – 3 MHZ Studied to be used in hospitals and physiotherapy clinics, Medisound 3000 has technical and software-management features developed to meet the needs of any medical rehabilitation center: – maximum operating easiness, – programming capability, – preset protocols, – programs that can be personalized and a large, – user-friendly display.

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Accurate information to assist physiotherapist to place the electrodepads more effectively.

8 DIFFERENT TYPES OF CURRENT The Genesy 3000 stands out in particular for providing all major medical-type currents: – EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) – TENS (Trans Cutaneus Nerve Stimulation) – MENS (Micro Current Stimulation) – Kotz with sinusoidal wave – Interferential currents – Triangular and trapezoidal wave currents for denervated muscles – Ionophoresis

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