Kineo Multi-Station EPS

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Kineo Multistation gives the possibility to work on the lower body in both open and closed kinetic chains with the help of innovative training methods. Not to mention the infinite application for the upper body with the free Pulley cable. One machine, countless possibilities.

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Eccentric Squat training – injury prevention and neuromuscular training. All in one. Intelligent Vertical Jump – your power jump training to the next level Knee Rehab in OKC (open kinetic chain) – analytic, reliable, innovative Functional training – free cable exercises Core training Run & Control training – up to 5 m Hyper-body Viscous Training – biceps/triceps hypertrophy work


Diagnostic reports and personalized work-cycle analysis Kineo keeps track of every training session or rehab treatment to evaluate the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the performed work during specific time intervals, such as weeks, months or years. Moreover Kineo can display in the charts the different working parameters (strength, speed, power, work) in order to show all the existing correlations.


Kineo allows you to work with DIFFERENT LOADS between the Concentric and Eccentric Phase to get maximum efficiency in training and rehabilitation.

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