A touch-screen navigation system to facilitate treatment search and parameter modification, an Atlas describing the treatments for all body parts, with color pictures and a section where the operator can structure and store personalized treatments. These are just some of the reasons that make RF 7000 the best expression of Globus beauty radiofrequency.

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RF Clinic Pro

GLOBUS RF CLINIC PRO is an innovative PROFESSIONAL machine generating radiofrequency waves for AESTHETIC APPLICATIONS, against AGEING of the FACIAL and BODY SKIN.
Thanks to the new innovative head it is also possible to make several applications against CELLULITE and to obtain BODY FIRMING.
GLOBUS RF CLINIC PRO promotes as well the vascularisation and the regeneration of the cutaneous tissues, eliminating the skin imperfections caused by the sun exposition and the skin ageing.

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The heat for your beauty
GLOBUS Beauty 6000 MED is an innovative PROFESSIONAL machine operating in resistive and capacitive mode for aesthetic applications, against ageing of the facial and body skin.
It includes preset programs to treat deep and superficial cellulite and the most common flaws of face and body skin.

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The professional lipolytic ultrasound that fights cellulite and eliminates excessive fat thanks to programs that intervene at different frequencies and guarantee the maximum effectiveness of every beauty treatment.

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The professional aesthetic pressotherapy that improves well-being and relaxation.
Ideal for the treatment of cellulite and liquid retention, soft tissue toning, decontracting massages, heavy limbs, relaxation and fatigue reduction, PressCare Beauty Pro is the ideal pressotherapy device for the needs of every beauty center.

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RF Beauty Mini

RF Beauty Mini is a radio frequency portable device for beauty applications and against face skin aging. RF Beauty Mini, thanks to radio frequency, makes your skin firmer and enhances the synthesis of new collagen and elastin.
At the same time, RF Beauty Mini, thanks to the thermal effect, improves microcirculation as well as oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues, which will have a new vitality.
RF Beauty Mini helps reduce wrinkles as well as rejuvenate your skin and your eye contour.
RF Beauty Mini is simple and rapid to use and it is supplied with a convenient elegant red carrying case.