Flywheel Technology

Desmotec technology is based on the isoinertial working principles. The heart of the machines is the flywheel, with its rotating motion ruling the eccentric / concentric training phases. The flywheel stores the kinetic energy produced in the concentric phase, returning it in the eccentric one.


The power expressed is balanced by a dynamic loading always equivalent to the physical effort, and it comes back to the end user with no sticking point in the range of motion. Therefore the training can be adjusted to the end user’s goals by modifying speed and power naturally.



Specific case studies and research projects where Desmotec devices were used during the research process, carried out by academics and research centers.

Cloud Solutions

The customer can manage all the data activities thanks to the Cloud profile. He has the access to different profile levels, according to the access privileges, by which he can:

- Act on users, trainers/physio or centres information
- View all the end users’ progress chart, updated real-time thanks to the Cloud-based system.
- Print each test and exercise and download .csv file for post analysis, in deep works like balance dispersion chart.


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