Physiotherapists, Trainers and Athletes have complete freedom of choice, using E.Board as an evaluation station or as a training device. They can actually access a large library of tests and exercises previously selected by Desmotec, having the possibility to change the different parameters to adapt every exercise to the user's specific needs.


Device designed to evaluate and perform specific tests. Born from the need to provide its customers with a new evaluation tool, Desmotec developed the new board E.Board creating a wide and resistant structure without overlooking transportability and providing it with precision sensors. The software for data capture and elaboration is a fundamental part of this device. Desmotec created a specific app, simple and intuitive which will allow the user to perform guided and repeatable tests with the opportunity to consult the collected data in real time, store them and confront them later in order to verify the improvements and results obtained.


  • Static and Dynamic unbalances Evaluation

  • Stregth Evaluation

  • Gamification to engage the user

  • Balance, Proprioception and Strength Recovery

  • Large Tests and Exercises Database

  • Real Time Feedback

  • Testing Reaction Time and Neuromuscolar Fatigue

  • Eccentric utilization Ratio

  • Reactive force index


  •  Injury Prevention and Recovery

  • Balance and Strength Evaluation

  • Testing Static and Dynamic Unbalance

  • Testing- Response Time and Neuromuscular Fatigue

  • Eccentric utilization Ratio

  • Reactive force index

  • Increasing Balance, Strength and Proprioception

  • Large Tests and Exercises Database

  • Real Time Feedback


  • Tablet Support

  • Work Sufrface

  • Strength Plate with 4 load cells

  • Tablet 10" with integrated software D.soft

  • E.Load (4 load cells)

  • Maintenance kit

  • Tablet Support


  • Full Harness (size S, M, L, XL)

  • Waist Harness

  • Belts

  • Double Handle

  • Isometric Band

Possibility to set every parameter on the Proprietary Software according to the user’s needs and receive a real time Biofeedback.

Ideal for running different tests and performing exercises related to balance, jump, tapping, Isometric and rapidity.


Evaluation Station

Suitable For Physiotherapy & Sports Field


Balance test of FREE duration from 10 "to 300" where the load cells indicate left and/or right imbalance in percentage and, if available, the subject's Antero-Posterior imbalance. The user is positioned in a central symmetrical position in respect to the underlying load cells, feet shoulder width apart, in upright position, upper limbs along the body and eyes open for a predefined total duration of 10" editable up to 300".

DURATION: 10″ up to 300″.
STANDARD SET: 1 set default.
AVAILABLE ON: E.Board and D.Line


Bilateral JUMP test where the subject performs a single JUMP on the spot starting in squatting with a 120 ° angle of the knee and upper limbs resting on the pelvis. The imbalances in the push phase, the time of the take-off phase and the imbalances of the landing phase are indicated in the final report. At the end of the contdown, the subject performs the Jump Test and must remain in landing position for 3"

STANDARD SET: 1 set default.


It is a test that measures the isometric force exerted on the load cells. Once the subject is in position and the joint angle to be tested and the type of accessory to be used have been defined, the user must push on the load cell to generate the maximum possible force that will be recorded in kg by the software. On the D.Line, the isometric test will also record the imbalance as it occurs during a Balance Test.

STANDARD SET: 1 set default.


Speed or rapidity test where the underlying load cells record every single step or pressure that is applied on them, indicating the Force impressed on the single cell and the touches of both the single cell and total with related imbalances.

STANDARD SET: 1 set default.


The Final Report is the section where it is possible for the user to view the results of both the entire training sessions and any single exercise.
It is also possible to save and store the results in order to evaluate them later, as well as to immediately share them with the Physiotherapist or Trainer.

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