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Perfect pillow for everyone. Designed by Postural Pillow Engineer who has had 30 years of experience in Pillow Manufacturing.


This pillow features curved edges that are shaped to provide proper support and help realign our neck

whether you sleep on your back or on your side. The both edges are also designed to support your neck for superior comfort and support. Suitable for most users.


Newly formulated density provides comfort and support to your neck.


Range of Products

Soft and Supportive

Firm and Supportive

Duo Size + Head Cradle

We have taken Chiropractors feedback while designing this pillow together with experienced Pillow Engineer. Duo Size pillow allows customers with different sleeping positions to utilize the height of the pillow. 
The head cradle is designed for better neck support position, allowing the neck to be rested under optimum position. 

Designed by Pillow Engineer

We partner with the pillow engineer that has over 30years of experience in Pillow Design and Manufacturing. 

All our pillows are formulated for great comfort and support. Thanks to the highly skilled and experienced Engineers. 

High Density Foam by BASF, Germany

With highly skilled engineer, we also need high quality material. All Postura Pillow use only virgin material from BASF. No recycle material and no harmful substances from our pillow material. 


Trusted by Medical Practitioners

All Healthmate Postura Pillow, can only be sourced from Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Orthopeadic clinics and also Pharmacy only. 

Healthmate requires the resellers to be a medical practice, otherwise we will not sell to them. -
So customers can buy in peace.

1 Year Warranty (T&Cs)

All Healthmate Postura Pillow, comes with 1 Year Limited Warranty.
Warranty covers only:-
Pillow Foam Integrity - If it sags within 1 year period, exchange with us for free! (Proof of Purchase required)
Warranty does not cover:-
1) Top Covers
2) Zip


100% Made in Malaysia. 

Our Clients

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