Globus Diacare 7000 | TecarTherapy

DiaCaRe 7000 is the most comprehensive, powerful and versatile machine in the range of radio frequency machines (TECARTHERAPY).
DiaCaRe 7000 operates in capacitive and resistive mode for the treatment of pain and both chronic and acute disorders of osteoarticular and muscular system. It is also recommended for the treatments of edemas and hematomas in the acute phase.
The principle on which it is based is that of endogenous heat produced with high frequency currents which heal your body using your internal energies and the natural self-regeneration mechanisms of tissues and muscles.
The choice of programs and the change of parameters are very easy to do thanks to a color touch screen.
The menu provides a complete set of Preset Programs and an Atlas describing treatments divided into different body parts with color pictures.

  • Delivery Time

    4-6 weeks of delivery time.