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Tecar Therapy



DiaCaRe 7000 is the most comprehensive, powerful and versatile machine of Globus Diathermy for Rehab and Sport treatments.

Endowed with the capacitive and resistive methods, DiaCaRe 7000 stimulates the mechanisms of self-regeneration to heal the body.



Diacare 5000 includes all the globus tecartherapy quality in a device with compact size and reduced weight, to guarantee the maximum portability, mantaining the same effectiveness and professionalism.


Fascia Tools (NEW!)
The right ally for every soft tissue.

GLOBUS has combined the TECAR DiaCaRe technology with Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization techniques (IASTM), putting together the advantages of these two extraordinary therapeutic options.

With 4 specific FASCIA TOOLS it is possible to manipulate and remodel the tissues while benefiting from the therapeutic effects of the current generated by TECAR DiaCaRe.
DiaBlade Large – Tool for Lower Limb and Trunk treatment.
DiaBlade Small – Tool for Upper Limb and Cervical Spine treatment.
DiaTriggerPoint – Tool for the treatment of Trigger Points.
DiaSpine – Tool for Back treatment and Vertebral Mobilization.

High Power TECAR RadioFrequency - Beauty Aesthetic

rf-7000-beauty (1).jpg

RF Beauty 7000


Powerful and versatile device of the radiofrequency range.
A touch-screen navigation system to facilitate treatment search and parameter modification, an Atlas describing the treatments for all body parts, with color pictures and a section where the operator can structure and store personalized treatments. These are just some of the reasons that make RF 7000 the best expression of Globus beauty radiofrequency.


RF Beauty 6000 Med


The heat for your beauty
GLOBUS Beauty 6000 MED is an innovative PROFESSIONAL machine operating in resistive and capacitive mode for aesthetic applications, against ageing of the facial and body skin.
It includes preset programs to treat deep and superficial cellulite and the most common flaws of face and body skin.

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